One Group

Three different Companies.


Two Offices, in Milan and Bologna. A unique and integrated value proposition: to offer our partners an experience of utmost professionalism and due care in the tax, corporate, accounting, inheritance and asset protection sectors, supplemented by prompt, careful and effective execution.

Three Companies:

Studio Ferraretti – Chartered Accountants
Riva Reno Fiduciaria – Servizi Fiduciari
AEON Trust – Società Italiana Trust
We are a family, a team, an operating platform dedicated to investment administration, designed for entrepreneurs, institutional clients, asset managers and professionals in the legal, accounting and tax sectors.

Preserving and enhancing family heritage, caring for future generations, investing wisely and ethically, being solid and sustainable, setting challenging medium- to long-term objectives, are values ​​of those who do business. Whether you are small to medium-sized business families or multinationals. And certainly, these are our values in the Ferraretti Group.

International horizon and solid local roots, corporate culture, passion, respect for work and commitment, always looking to the future with optimism, energy and enthusiasm. This is us. For over 40 years.

Francesco Antonio Ferraretti