Our approach

We are entrepreneurs we understand entrepreneurs, administering wealth is our passion.

Riva Reno is an international hub of wealth administration dedicated to international high net worth individuals, Financial Intermediaries, Asset Managers and Professionals of the tax and legal areas, the ideal partner for cross border Wealth Management.

A strong commitment towards excellence and the most thorough knowledge of technical issues on tax, accounting, trust and fiduciary matters coupling with a strong international experience, make Riva Reno the best option for demanding institutional and private clients.

We believe that effective integration of banking, insurance, trust, fiduciary and financial products along with a “lifecycle financial services” approach sealed with a strong focus on client’s experience are the key element for succeeding in modern Wealth Management.

Confidentiality, prompt delivery as well as utmost respect of the legal framework are natural playfield.

We are proud of what we do, we do it with passion energy……… and with all our heart.